I was in Toronto, Canada for business but of course, being that is the first time in Canada I took my camera.  I only had one afternoon that I was able to get out at a decent time (5:30pm).  Given that opportunity, I went to my hotel The Strathcona Hotel (Very Petite hotel, by the way) […]

Photography, painting, drawing, writing; those are some of the mediums some people use to express themselves or to remember things.  Me, I like to share my vision; so I combine writing (probably not so good) with photography to express what I see.  In this post I will show you some photos I took one afternoon […]

In the beautiful city if Seattle, Washington there is an area close to downtown called Public Market. Even though that is a great place to visit, I will post about The Public Market and all the beauty of Seattle on a later post. The reason is because I want to dedicate this post to a […]

To the eyes of the beholder, this is just a fly on top of a flower.  To me, is the human soul getting ready take a leap of faith into a world of happiness.  Happiness comes from within our minds, we are the ones in control of our happiness… Always!

  In Jobos Beach, in the town of Isabela, Puerto Rico there is a natural opening, made by the sea which was called “El Pozo de Jobos” (Jobos Well).   According to the local legend, there was once a farmer by the name of Jacinto.  It is said that Jacinto had a favorite cow which […]

I’m from the East Coast of US, and this is my second visit to San Francisco.  With not much time for sightseeing while in here because of work, I was determined to at least take a nice late afternoon walk with camera in hand.  This is what I saw on this late afternoon walk of […]

As a photographer, I’m constantly looking my surroundings for things that may look interesting in a photo.  But one of the things that fascinates me is people.  From expressions or gestures, to body language, to the way they walk; each person is unique in some way or another.  So I took on a little project […]

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Danny Maldonando.  To me, a photo is more than just shot, more than just a pose. It’s an expression, a captured vision of reality.  I have a passion for photos that tell a story, a real story.  In this society, where the only visions and stories […]