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Color Changes in Life

There are times when things happen and the color of our lives begins to fade. But there is always that color reflection, that memory that reminds you that not all is lost. And so we walk, our lives continue and all is left is to move forward and begin to paint our lives again.   […]

People Without Faces

As a photographer, I’m constantly looking my surroundings for things that may look interesting in a photo.  But one of the things that fascinates me is people.  From expressions or gestures, to body language, to the way they walk; each person is unique in some way or another.  So I took on a little project […]

Is what I see

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Danny Maldonando.  To me, a photo is more than just shot, more than just a pose. It’s an expression, a captured vision of reality.  I have a passion for photos that tell a story, a real story.  In this society, where the only visions and stories […]