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A Walk to Nowhere

As I wake up one night from a dream where time flew by so quick, I sit down and pounder what is next for me?  I grab my camera and run out the door for a walk.  A walk?  Where am I going? What is the purpose?  And so begins what I though was my […]

A Good Life is Just a Chess Move Away

    How often in our lives to we feel like we are walking in a tunnel similar to the one above?  Alone, without a clear goal.  Now, that doesn’t mean that we should walk that path alone, there are always people willing to take that path with you.  Life is all about choices and […]

A Cold Venture

So every year I come to Chicago for work purposes for two weeks, including Thanksgiving Week.  With no surprise, its always been super cold.  Of course, I’m a Puertorrican/Florida guy, so everything bellow 40 is pretty damn cold.  I’ve always taken my camera with me in the event that I get to see snow.  Now, […]

Let the Hips do the work or your Belly – Second attempt to overcome my fear of Street Photography and People

As stated on my last post, I was going to try to get closer to my subject.  In this trip I took to Chicago, I decided not to take my 70-200 Lens, I was determined to use my 24 – 70; you see?  Getting Closer.  First thing I tried was to shoot at night, which […]

From a Distance – My first attempt to overcome my fear of Street Photography and People

Ever since I wrote my last post about fear of candid photography of people and street photography I’ve been on the urge to try to do the best possible to over come such fear.  Like I mentioned before, I’ve watched videos, read books and nothing ever gave me the courage that I needed.  Thanks to […]

A quest to overcome my fear of Street Photography and People

I love photography, I really do.  From nature, to landscape, to architecture, to everything in between.  But the type of photography that I truly love, is the one that I fear the most; Street Photography.  By definition, Street Photography is when you capture subjects in any candid situation in public places.  An example is this photo bellow that […]