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Will Tomorrow Really be Too Late?

As adults we often say things like “Tomorrow may be too late”, “Don’t leave for tomorrow what you could do today”, “You don’t know what tomorrow may bring”, and “Live today like is your last”, to name a few.  The question is, do we really believe in that? I took this photo on my last […]

Photography or Cellography?

Do any of you remember taking photos with a Nokia 5110?             Oh that’s right, you were not able to.  Now days you have phones that can take photos that are impressive, some that may seem that were taken with a high end camera and not a phone.  That sparked […]

Out with the old, in with the new – Photography Edition

So 2012 is gone; it took me a bit because up until yesterday I was still writing 2012 for the dates.  Anyways, FINALLY now I can say that I just stepped into 2013.  With this year comes new challenges for me, challenges to become a better photographer, challenges to keep portraying the story behind every […]

In one late afternoon in Toronto Island (Ward’s Island)

I was in Toronto, Canada for business but of course, being that is the first time in Canada I took my camera.  I only had one afternoon that I was able to get out at a decent time (5:30pm).  Given that opportunity, I went to my hotel The Strathcona Hotel (Very Petite hotel, by the way) […]

Reflection at National Harbor

Photography, painting, drawing, writing; those are some of the mediums some people use to express themselves or to remember things.  Me, I like to share my vision; so I combine writing (probably not so good) with photography to express what I see.  In this post I will show you some photos I took one afternoon […]

The Gum Wall in Seattle

In the beautiful city if Seattle, Washington there is an area close to downtown called Public Market. Even though that is a great place to visit, I will post about The Public Market and all the beauty of Seattle on a later post. The reason is because I want to dedicate this post to a […]

Afternoon Walk in San Francisco

I’m from the East Coast of US, and this is my second visit to San Francisco.  With not much time for sightseeing while in here because of work, I was determined to at least take a nice late afternoon walk with camera in hand.  This is what I saw on this late afternoon walk of […]