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Will Tomorrow Really be Too Late?

As adults we often say things like “Tomorrow may be too late”, “Don’t leave for tomorrow what you could do today”, “You don’t know what tomorrow may bring”, and “Live today like is your last”, to name a few.  The question is, do we really believe in that? I took this photo on my last […]

Can you see what I see?

To the eyes of the beholder, this is just a fly on top of a flower.  To me, is the human soul getting ready take a leap of faith into a world of happiness.  Happiness comes from within our minds, we are the ones in control of our happiness… Always!

The Legend Behind “El Pozo de Jacinto” (Jacinto’s Well)

  In Jobos Beach, in the town of Isabela, Puerto Rico there is a natural opening, made by the sea which was called “El Pozo de Jobos” (Jobos Well).   According to the local legend, there was once a farmer by the name of Jacinto.  It is said that Jacinto had a favorite cow which […]