A Walk to Nowhere

As I wake up one night from a dream where time flew by so quick, I sit down and pounder what is next for me?  I grab my camera and run out the door for a walk.  A walk?  Where am I going? What is the purpose?  And so begins what I though was my walk to nowhere…

Walk to Nowhere

Wether you believe in God, in the Devine, in Science or Magic; there is a path, there is a walk we take.  That walk seldom takes us to a fork in the road where we must decide what our next step is.  Those are the choices we are given in life, that’s when the walk to nowhere becomes the walk towards something.  Take that road, follow it, and no matter how many stepping stones you encounter along the way, don’t give up.  At the end of that walk that once we thought it it led to “nowhere” is the return of your work and choices you make in life; and let me tell you, it can be INCREDIBLE!


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