Will Tomorrow Really be Too Late?

As adults we often say things like “Tomorrow may be too late”, “Don’t leave for tomorrow what you could do today”, “You don’t know what tomorrow may bring”, and “Live today like is your last”, to name a few.  The question is, do we really believe in that?

I took this photo on my last trip to Washington State:


What you see in this photo is a father and a son at the lake.  The part that I saw after taking this photo was something amazing, something that as a father, it makes you think.  The little kid turns over to his dad, smiles and gives him a big hug and follows to pick up a rock, gives it to his dad so his dad can teach him how to bounce a rock on the water.

Why did I tell you this story? Because I was once that kid, and now I’m a father and those are the moments I will forever remember.  Yes, sure, the toys were great, but then ask me how many of those toys I remember getting?  Two, to be exact.  My first red and white scooter with white tires, and a Crayola Caddy.  So yes, 38 years and I remember two toys from when I was a kid.  What I do remember is being taught how to ride a bicycle, my dad taking one training wheel off at a time so I can try to balance.  The family road trips to Safari Park in Puerto Rico, going to the beach with our two Rottweilers, my dad teaching me how to play pool and me getting upset because he never let me win.  Those are just a couple of the many things I remember.  Those are things that made me who I am today, and those are the things I wish God gives me the time to pass on to my kid as we walk to our respective tomorrow.

My son and I

My son and I


Life is short; Live, Love, and be happy; for yourself and for those around you.  Start today to create some memories on someone else’s life.


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