A Good Life is Just a Chess Move Away


The Tunnel of Life

The Tunnel of Life


How often in our lives to we feel like we are walking in a tunnel similar to the one above?  Alone, without a clear goal.  Now, that doesn’t mean that we should walk that path alone, there are always people willing to take that path with you.  Life is all about choices and the choices we make affect how we feel.  Surround yourself with happy thoughts and best of all, surround yourself with happy people.



You never have to walk that tunnel alone!


Like a game of chess, every move, every choice we make, counts.  We will often make the wrong moves, but one wrong move won’t affect our game, won’t affect our lives.


©FlyByPhoto - Danny Maldonado



Wake up to this beautiful thing God gave us, called Life.  Happiness is there, just a chess move away.


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