A Cold Venture

So every year I come to Chicago for work purposes for two weeks, including Thanksgiving Week.  With no surprise, its always been super cold.  Of course, I’m a Puertorrican/Florida guy, so everything bellow 40 is pretty damn cold.  I’ve always taken my camera with me in the event that I get to see snow.  Now, in my previous trips, it has snowed, but I’m either working or sleeping when that happens.  I have yet to see actual snow falling, until now; and to my surprise, I had just gotten off work.  Here is a picture of me that my friend took in action:


Now, there are a couple of things wrong with me in this picture.  It is snowing, it is freezing cold and I’m wearing just a Hoodie Jacket and a beanie.  Why?  Well, did I mention that I’m from Florida and was born in Puerto Rico?  Well,  didn’t think I  have a reason to have coats or something completely warm in my wardrobe.  Yep, that was my stupidity.  Anyways, that didn’t stop me, at least not yet.  I was able to take a couple of shots in the streets of Chicago.

Chicago Snow 2

Chicago Snow

Thirty minutes later I was rushing back to my hotel because the my unprepared self was almost an icicle.  My jeans were wet from the snow, I was wearing Converses, which means that all the moisture of the snow became water in my shoes and well my socks were soaked.  By the time I got to my room, I could barely feel my feet.  Now, I went out again, the difference this time was that I tied a plastic shopping back to each foot so they didn’t get wet and frozen.  Yes, very classy…

Note to self, get a damn coat and bring your boots next time.


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